Javascript Wolfenstein 3D

This a Javascript implementation of id Software's 1992 game, Wolfenstein 3D.
Should work in all canvas-enabled browsers (that means no Internet Explorer).
Please have patience while the game loads and is prepared for your Blazkowicz experience.
See this post for more info and comments. For more JavaScript game experiments, click here.
Be sure to also check out the WolfenFlickr mashup, featuring an improved renderer turned into an odd Flickr gallery.

Wall shading
Low res textures
Note that changing the size will reset the game.

Use WASD for movement. Click and drag the mouse to rotate, or use the left/right arrows. Press "x" to open doors and "c" to fire your gun.
If sound doesn't work, try refreshing the page.

Wolfenstein 3D is a registered trademark of id Software, the graphics and sounds in this demo are all copyright id Software. Mr. Carmack, please don't sue.

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